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About The Training

My approach to training and nutrition is science based, results proven, safe and balanced, and customized to the individual.

science based personal training in Austin Texas
What a Typical Session is Like


Training is completely customized to your individual goals, preferences, and level of advancement. Safety is very important so to start there is a short warm up specific to your needs, tight spots, and the exercises in the workout. This will usually only last 3 to 5 minutes and may include dynamic stretching, calisthenics, mobility exercises, and joint specific and movement specific warm up exercises, depending on what you need. 


After the warm up we will move on to exercises that are specific to your exact goals. This is dependent on the individual, but can include different forms of resistance training and cardiovascular training techniques such as free weights, machines, kettlebells, HIIT training, medicine balls, resistance bands, endurance training, barbells, powerlifitng movements, and more.  


At the end there are often some cool down and recovery techniques like stretching and foam rolling. Once you know how you can do the warmup and warmdown on your own so that you can spend the entire length of your session doing the workout part.

scientific personal training
Optimal Results with Science Based Methods


If you are going to spend the time and effort training or following a nutrition plan, you definitely want to make sure what your doing not only works, but works best. Why would you follow a routine that adds five pounds of muscle when you could add ten on a better one? Why drop 5 lbs of fat when you could drop 10 on a more optimal diet? Finding the best method, instead of just a method that works okay is key to getting the best results possible, and staying motivated.


But how can one distinguish between what is the best method and what is just the latest fad or pseudoscience? Fortunately there is a a lot of scientific research available on training and nutrition as it pertains to losing fat, building muscle, and achievinng health goals. This is very helpful when determining what works, what doesn't, and is optimal. Years of research and application of scientifically sound methods of training and dieting go into every nutrition plan, training routine, and session so that  you can give it your all knowing you are using your time efficiently and effectively.

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Individualized & Results Proven


Scientific research is a great way of determining optimal training and dieting methods to achieve goals, but it has its limitations and must be able to be practically applied to be useful. The methodology that goes into the nutrition and training strategies is not only research backed, but also has real life results to back them up. 


Everyone is unique and as such the best method of training or dieting will vary from person to person. Different people have different metabolic rates, experience, and personal preferences. We all get motivated by different things and enjoy different types of training. As such, the best methods will vary person to person and all training programs, nutrition plans, and sessions are completely personalized.  ​


I have years of first hand experience applying various training and nutrition techniques to myself and clients with all different ages, goals, and abilities.  The combination of research, personal experience, and experience with clients gives me unique insight on which methods will work best for each individual person I work with. The results speak for themselves, and you can check them out on the Results page of this site. 

Stretch after personal training
Longterm Health and Saftey


Safety and longterm health is an incredibly important yet often overlooked aspect of achieving fitness goals. Every one on one session, training program, and nutrition plan is developed with your safety and longterm health at the forefront of my mind. To keep clients healthy, injury prevention techniques such as warm ups, dynamic stretching, proper exercise form, static stretching, proper cool downs, and myofacial release methods like foam rolling are taught at sessions. That way you can train hard, get great workouts, and stay injury free!

Nutrition plans are also designed to keep you healthy in addition to helping you achieve your goals, so that you can not only look good, but feel good too. Many commercial diet programs do not do this, and can cause metabolic issues and nutritional deficiencies that leave you worse off and further from your goals. It is important to take longterm health into consideration, and not just short term results. As such, all nutrition programs are designed to fit your goals, lifestyle, and keep you healthy.

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