Will Cho

NSCA-CPT  |  Fitness Model  |  Tea Connoisseur

My name is Will Cho, and I'm a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer and UCLA Fitness Leadership Program Alumnus with over 12 years of experience in both traditional and strength sports. I specialize in muscular growth, strength, mobility, and body recomposition. I'll help you look forward to your workouts, embrace the fitness community, and build everyday confidence.


In addition to graduating in the top of my class, I've gained unique and diverse experience through my work with the UCLA Recreation Program, A7 (a powerlifting brand), and Myprotein (a sports nutrition brand). In addition to my fitness related interests I enjoy listening to live jazz, exploring on my bicycle, mental health advocacy, and the occasional refreshing cup of tea.

My philosophy on designing workouts is that a one size fits all program cannot address the needs of an individual. So I customize all of my clients programs to their experience level and personal goals, and use the best exercises for their unique body.

I also believe in using sound fundamentals and scientific research to build the best resistance training programs possible. I cut the BS out for my clients so that we can focus on what really works and get results quickly and efficiently. But there is no need to take my word for it, I'll keep close track of your performance so that you can see exactly how you are progressing.

I'll push you and motivate you, so that you can build muscle, lose fat, and feel healthy. At the same time, we'll make sure to balance your workouts with proper recovery and avoid burn out and injury. Click below to book a free personal training session with me and we'll get started creating the best and healthiest version of you.

1 Hour One On One Training 
1 Hour Two Person Training 

1 Session Per Week...$75/session

2 Sessions Per Week..$70/session

3+ Sessions Per Week.$65/session

1 Session Per Week...$45/session

2 Sessions Per Week..$42/session

3+ Sessions Per Week.$39/session