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Angela Velasquez

ACE-CPT  |  B.A. in Kinesiology  |  Former Collegiate Soccer Player 

My name is Angela Velasquez and I am an ACE certified personal trainer for Chris Protein Personal Training. I also have a degree in Kinesiology Pre-Physical Therapy, so I can help you recover from injuries in addition to getting in fantastic shape. 


My fitness journey started with soccer at a very young age. I played all the way through my college years, but after that I had trouble finding ways to stay in shape. So I started going to the gym and discovered that I loved working with weights, doing body weight exercises, and running.


I found that weight training gave me confidence, in addition to producing great physical changes and health benefits. The strength and motivation I found in myself was inspiring, and I knew I wanted to help others do the same. 

I'm passionate about working with clients on goals like losing weight, adding muscle tone, and overcoming injuries. I especially love helping new people get started properly on their fitness journey, and watching them transform from beginners to workout warriors! 

Working out should be fun, interesting, and exciting. So I get creative with my training plans to ensure that they are enjoyable and get great results for my clients. I promise you will never be bored or missing a fun challenge.

Putting time in the gym should also make you feel your best, improve your mobility, and help keep you from getting injured. My physical therapy experience gives me exceptional insight into how to put together programs that yield fantastic results, while improving the strength of your joints and core so you don't have to deal with nagging aches or pains. 

1 Hour One On One Training 
1 Hour Two Person Training 

1 Session Per Week...$80/session

2 Sessions Per Week..$75/session

3+ Sessions Per Week.$70/session

1 Session Per Week...$45/session

2 Sessions Per Week..$42/session

3+ Sessions Per Week.$39/session

If you want to lose fat and add muscle tone without feeling bored, burnt out, or run down then click below to schedule your Transformation session. A few months from now your fit, confident, and healthy self with be thanking you. 

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