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3 Ways a Personal Trainer Can Help You Stay Accountable for Your Fitness Goals

You may have a few fitness goals in mind that seem like distant possibilities. They may take weeks or months to accomplish, leaving room for a possible loss of personal motivation. A personal trainer can help you stay accountable for your fitness goals from start to finish. These are the three most important benefits they provide that make it easier to experience progress.

1. They Get to Know You Personally

Working out with an app or a general guide can be helpful, but they never get to know you individually. You’ll receive generalized tips that may not always work for your goals. A personal trainer will get to know you personally, which leads to numerous benefits for their clients.

When you first meet with your trainer, you’ll discuss why you’ve selected your fitness goals. They’ll begin to know what motivates you, what you care about and why you value your pursuits. If you mention one of the common reasons why people exercise, they’ll also have practical ideas already lined up to help you.

As you get to know your personal trainer, they’ll care for your mental well-being as much as your physical wellness. It will become a top priority for them, which isn’t the case when you work out with an app or in a group class.

Trainers can spot red flag issues during conversations that may have created unreachable fitness goals in the past. They’ll recognize things like:

● Clients who want significant weight loss in a brief period.

● Clients who unknowingly live with diets that won’t support their health alongside intense workouts.

● Clients who may not have received adequate training in the past and work out with inefficient form.

Your trainer will become familiar with your relationship with exercise as they get to know you. Understanding your physical and mental limits also helps them better understand how specific fitness plans may motivate or discourage your progress.

When people learn how personal trainers provide accountability, they’re often relieved that a comprehensive approach is vital to their success.

2. They Take Time to Educate You

Workout apps may explain how to do specific moves or reps, but they rarely allow users to do deep dives into why their routines or tips matter. Trainers educate their clients to close that knowledge gap. They coach clients instead of telling them what to do, which empowers everyone to achieve their goals and set new ones.

Your future trainer will explain the benefits of specific fitness routines and why they’re in your best interest. They’ll also point out why you may better meet your goals by following alternative routines than the ones you have in mind.

You’ll also learn about the importance of a healthy diet when striving for your fitness goals. Personal trainers include dietary changes in their programs because nutrition is essential to physical health. They’ll customize your suggested meal plans based on your preferences as well, like increasing your protein intake without compromising your vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

Trainers are also industry experts that stay up-to-date on scientific or industry updates. They may read something that could affect your goals and adjust your plan accordingly. Adding new machinery or revising their nutrition advice is one of the many ways personal trainers increase accountability. They make it easier to stay on track, no matter what the future holds.

3. They Actively Problem Solve

Problem-solving is a skill everyone uses daily, but personal trainers excel at doing it for their clients. This skill begins helping clients from the first meeting. Your trainer will revise your goals as needed so they’re more realistic. They’ll also adapt their initial plan if you become sick or injured during their time as your trainer.

Sometimes personal or professional commitments will conflict with your workout arrangements. Trainers know how to handle this issue and adapt your fitness journey accordingly. They can also switch gyms if there’s one closer to you that would serve your wellness better.

In those scenarios, clients may need to reach their personal trainer immediately. Oftentimes, that happens via:

● Text

● Phone call

● Email

They’re much more easily reachable than a virtual trainer with hundreds of clients or a helpline associated with a workout app.

Problem-solving also improves your mental wellness. Trainers can spot when their client’s mental well-being begins faltering, even if you haven’t noticed it yet. They’ll respond with help like positive affirmations, routine adjustments and daily encouragement to keep you on track.

As you learn about how personal trainers provide accountability, remember that their problem-solving skills will help you accomplish your goals more quickly and effectively. You can even learn from them and apply your trainer’s proven skills within your life outside the gym.

Find Your Next Personal Trainer

There are many ways personal trainers increase accountability and help their clients along their fitness journeys. If you’re ready to accomplish your health goals with a personalized plan and daily support, click here for a free Transformation Session.

About the author: Beth is the content manager and Managing Editor at Body+Mind and a lover of all things health and wellness. She shares knowledge on a variety of topics related to fitness, nutrition and disease prevention. In her spare time, Beth enjoys trying out new fitness trends.


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