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Client of the Month August 2023 | Josh and Sonia Lucas

This month, we celebrate not one, but two fantastic Clients of the Month: Josh and Sonia Lucas! Congratulations on your remarkable progress, and thanks for being such dedicated and inspiring clients! 👏

Meet the Clients

Josh and Sonia are a dynamic duo with different yet complementary fitness goals. They have been training with Emory for seven months and their achievements are worth all the applause.

Josh's Journey:

Josh came with a twofold goal: 1) To get back in the gym consistently for overall muscle, bone, and cardio health; 2) To start putting on muscle mass. With Emory's assistance, he managed to achieve both these goals and even went beyond them. Josh's excitement resonates when he talks about going from assisted dips to 3-4 sets of 10 unassisted dips and increasing his pull-up strength from sets of 5-6 with assistance to sets of 8 with no assistance.

Emory and Josh

Sonia's Path:

Sonia's fitness challenge was to find the balance between gaining strength and burning fat. She also struggled with constructing her own workouts. Emory's personalized approach helped her find joy in the gym and trust in the process. Sonia's consistency and determination, along with Emory's support, have made the journey enjoyable and effective.

How They Did It

  • Josh: Clear goals and continuous support from Emory in monitoring diet and training intensity made the difference. Josh transformed from struggling with three gym sessions a week to longing for six! His strength and weight have been exciting to watch as they increase.

  • Sonia: Sonia attributes her success to consistency, a schedule, diet, and Emory's continuous guidance. Emory's tailored approach helped Sonia to make her fitness journey an integral part of her daily life.

What They Enjoyed About the Experience

  • Josh: Josh fell in love with the variety and fun in each workout. Emory's innovative ways to push and challenge him made every workout a joy. Josh says, "Time flies, and we work hard + have fun!"

  • Sonia: Sonia enjoyed challenging herself and watching her strength grow. Besides fitness improvements, she found Emory's engaging personality and interesting stories a great addition to the sessions. "It's been a blast, and I can't recommend him enough!" she says.

A Dynamic Duo Making Dynamic Progress

Josh and Sonia's stories are inspiring reminders that with the right guidance, support, and consistency, transformation is possible. Their love for the process, trust in their trainer, and commitment to their goals have paved the way for incredible growth.

We're proud of what they've accomplished, and we look forward to seeing what more they will achieve. Congratulations and thank you , Josh and Sonia, for being our Clients of the Month!

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