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Client of the Month June 2023 | Arthur Bryan Marroquin

Arthurs before and after

This Months Client of the Month is Arthur Bryan Marroquin! Congratulations on the fantastic progress and thanks for being an incredible client 👏

Arthur is an actor, model, and photographer, and recently has made an incredible transformation and reduced his body-fat by half, which is no easy feat.

From Arthur: My goals were to get to 8 percent body fat so you can see my abs since I'm on screen a lot. It took a year but we way more than surpassed those goals by going from around 13 percent body fat to about 4 percent. My nutrition, strength, form, and the way I approach my over all fitness journey have all improved. I approach it without obsessing, and instead, I'm relaxed but monitor things closely.

Arthur looking ripped

His trainer, Corey, listed out some additional accomplishments:

✔️ Setting personal records on all lifts and seeing substantial strength increases

✔️ Developing lots of healthy and sustainable habits

✔️ Improving mobility, flexibility, and stability

✔️ Advancing his knowledge of form and exercise technique

✔️ Lowering body fat, visceral fat, & increasing lean muscle

How He Did It

For exercise Arthur worked out five times a week. Some of these were personal training sessions he did with Corey, but many of them were workouts he did on his own. Corey worked with him to build a workout plan that fit his travel schedule, goals, and preferences. It consisted of four days that focused on resistance training using a push, pull, legs, and arms split, and then on the 5th day he did a conditioning routine.

Inbody Scan Results

In addition to that there was a strong focus on diet. Arthur tracked his food intake and monitored his macro-nutrients so that he could hit targets that would help him accomplish his goals.

Arthur is cut and shredded

Here is What Arthur Has To Say About His Training Experience:

"I used to train with Chris Protein back in 2014 and he got me in great shape. I moved away from Austin and have gotten back with the gym under the training of Corey, and I'm right back at it. We're attacking my body in the best ways! Supersets, focusing on form and nutrition and using natural supplements to get the best results possible. So far it's been two months and I'm noticing some significant changes as are the people around me which was the goal :) If you're serious about making some differences in your nutrition take a look at Chris Protein Personal Training and give Corey a ring."

Ready to get results like these? Then book in for our signature Transformation Session!

Trainer and Client Going Over a Plan

This one hour session takes place at our state of the art studio located in South Austin, and at it you'll get everything you need to get on track to seeing incredible results.

You'll do a detailed consultation where your trainer will go over your goals, workout experience, nutrition, injuries, and everything they need to formulate a plan perfectly customized to you.

Then you will get a workout assessment where your trainer will guide you through exercises designed to see where you are at, so they can build a plan for you and progress from there.

They'll show you how to do everything properly, and how to make modifications if need be to fit an exercise to your body or goals.

You'll start feeling accomplished and more confident about working out right away.

At the final part of the session they will show you a clear plan for getting started on your fitness goals and seeing success. You'll walk away knowing exactly what you need to do to get the results you want.

It is completely free so you have nothing to lose. Click here to book, and start seeing results!

Chris Performing a Deadlift


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