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Pros and Cons of Hiring a Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer Stretching Client

The job of a fitness trainer is simple on paper — formulate a diet and exercise plan for each client. However, these responsibilities are just the bare minimum. Fitness trainers can enhance your health and wellness in many other ways besides just giving basic instructions. Here are the biggest pros and cons of hiring a fitness trainer to help you make your decision.

Fitness Trainer vs. Fitness Instructor

First, it’s important to make the distinction between a fitness trainer and a fitness instructor. Fitness trainers are also known as personal trainers because they specialize in one-on-one or small group instruction. They have a different plan for each individual client, whereas fitness instructors train large groups in pre-structured exercise classes.

A fitness trainer or personal trainer will also have meetings or check-ins with clients to ensure they stay on track. Fitness trainers can form closer relationships with clients and thus understand their strengths and weaknesses much better. As you will see, this unique dynamic can work wonders for your fitness goals.

Now let’s get into the pros and cons of hiring a personal trainer.

PRO: Individualized Training Program

People who are just starting their fitness journeys always ask similar questions. What exercises should I do? What foods should I eat? What lifestyle changes can I make to reach my goals? From the perspective of a fitness trainer, every answer is the same — it depends on the person. No two people have the same needs and preferences.

Some people enjoy working out in a traditional gym, while others prefer to work out at home for personal or financial reasons. A personal trainer can create a program that caters to your wishes and accounts for all factors, including your favorite foods, hobbies and living situation. They create a plan that accommodates your daily routine as much as possible.

A custom program is more effective than a cookie-cutter program because it gives clients the care and attention they need to stay motivated and stick to their goals.

CON: Potential Bad Fits

Although a fitness trainer can help you craft an ideal diet and exercise plan, there is always the potential for a bad fit. Different personalities can clash and lead to a sour trainer-trainee relationship. Fitness trainers tend to be strong-willed and intense people — especially while training — which can put pressure on clients and make them uncomfortable.

Fitness Trainer Instructing Client

However, you have options. There are 828,283 people employed in the American personal trainer industry as of 2022, and that number is growing. There’s bound to be someone with a similar personality who will understand your preferences. Do your research and look into each trainer’s past experience to help you decide. At our studio you can just call, and we will match you with the best fit trainer for your needs. You also get to try out training before committing, as we offer an initial free session to make sure both you, and the trainer, feel it is a good fit.

PRO: Access to a Wealth of Knowledge

Speaking of past experience, fitness trainers also have the skills and knowledge to help you make informed health decisions. They can show you the proper technique for each exercise and give you nutrition advice to make dieting easier. They’ve already been through the painstaking process of trial and error, so they know what works.

Fitness trainers will also help you uncover hidden weaknesses that delay your progress, such as sleep patterns and mindset issues that hold you back. For example, exercising properly and adhering to good nutrition habits can be far more difficult if sleep or stress issues are getting the way. A good trainer can help you identify these obstacles and navigate through them to get results.

CON: Scheduling Conflicts

Although fitness trainers do their best to make time for every client, scheduling conflicts inevitably happen sometimes. According to a 2016 study of trainer demographics, a full-time fitness trainer with 13 years of experience sees 50 clients per week for individual and group exercise lessons, and works around 30 hours per week. Trainers have busy schedules, so sometimes it can be challenging to find times that work for both parties.

At our studio it is easy to check out your trainers calendar or reserve time slots in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts.

PRO: Extra Motivation and Accountability

Fitness Trainer Coaching Client

Consistency is the key to making progress toward your fitness goals. If you have trouble staying consistent, then a fitness trainer is the mentor you need. Their ultimate purpose is to instill good habits and help you craft a healthy daily routine. They will give you extra motivation and hold you accountable when you’re slacking off.

When you’re not feeling 100%, you can rely on your trainer for that extra push. They know exactly what you’re going through. They have experienced the trials and tribulations of transformation. If you ever feel like quitting, your trainer is there to be the voice of reason and keep you on track.

Extensive research has shown that support and accountability are the most effective adherence factors for successful weight loss programs.

Find the Right Fitness Trainer For You

The pros and cons of hiring a fitness trainer are quite lopsided. There will be occasional scheduling conflicts and you might not get the right trainer on the first try, but the rewards are worth the risk. Hiring a fitness trainer will give you a wealth of knowledge, experience and motivation to draw from.

Ready to start your Transformation? You can book an online session with one of our trainers right now to get a consultation and assessment workout. Today’s the day you make a change!

The Chris Protein Team


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