A customized exercise plan will provide you with the best resistance training and/or cardiovascular techniques for your specific goals, age, body type, etc! It lays out the exact exercises, sets, reps, and weights for you to use to complete your workout!

Personalized Exercise Plan

  • Optimal exercise strategies vary from person to person depending on individual goals, age, body type, level of advancement, and other various factors. When you purchase your exercise plan I will send you a detailed questionnaire to fill out that gives me all the information I need to create a completely individualized plan that is tailored to your exact situation and goals. The plans are then sent via email in an easy to access spreadsheet or PDF file. The exercise plan lays out an exact routine using resistance training and/or cardiovascular training methods tailored to your individual goals, abilities, and situation to assist you in reaching your strength, size, and/or fat loss goals.