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Do You Suck At Planking? Watch This Video and Fix Your Form

December 5, 2017

Want ripped abs and a core stronger than steel? You better be planking. Planks should definitely be part of your personal training program. Planks are an awesome exercise for core strength and ab development.


They are also a fundamental movement pattern that translates to numerous other exercises. If you can do a plank properly, then you'll know how the form should feel on a variety of other exercises.


Let me explain. If you are doing a deadlift, your torso should be in the same position as when planking.


Doing a squat? Same thing. Torso should stay in pretty much the same position as when you are planking. 


So if you can plank well, not only will it help you get ripped abs and a stronger core, but it will make a bunch of other exercises easier to do properly too. 



BUT, a bunch of people do planks with terrible form. 


Especially towards the end of their set. 


Don't worry, pro trainers Emily and Erin are here to break down plank form and show you the three most common planks mistakes.



Also, I'm really proud of Erin for holding a plank for what must have been 30 minutes over the time it took us to shoot this video.


If you have any questions about the planks, feel free to drop us a line at info@chrisprotein.com


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