Sydney Waltz, ISSA-CPT

ISSA-CPT | Gymnast | Yoga Teacher | Nutritionist | Olympic Lifting

I am Sydney and I'm an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, AFPA Holistic Nutritionist, and a former collegiate gymnast. I also hold certifications from USA Gymnastics and am a Registered Yoga Teacher. Additionally, I am experience with coaching olympic weightlifting and can help you learn that as well. When I'm not in the gym, I love to do DIY home decor projects.

My fitness journey started with competitive gymnastics. I competed for the University of Kentucky on a full scholarship, was named to the All-SEC Team, and qualified for the NCAA Championships. I loved the opportunities and experiences I got from gymnastics, and it was thanks to that background that I got into working out, HIIT, and personal training.

After I retired from competitive gymnastics I wanted another way to stay in shape so I tried out Crossfit. It was a great for me to challenge myself and improve my strength and conditioning. 

My years of experience coaching started with, as you might've guessed, gymnastics. I helped people improve their skills on the balance beam and also showed them workouts that focused on strength, flexibility, and shaping. After discovering my love of resistance and endurance workouts I started coaching groups and individuals in that area too. Recently I even became a Registered Yoga Teacher. Thanks to this experience I can show you how to get stronger, improve flexibility, and move better.

Working out should be challenging and fun! So I like to mix up intensities and workout modalities so you never get bored. It should also be inclusive, all are welcome and every workout is tailored to your needs. One of the reasons I became a personal trainer was so I could customize to the individual to a higher degree than what I could do in group classes. I am always adjusting exercises, intensity, and workout types  so that you get great results, stay injury free, and feel encouraged, accomplished, and motivated. 

Putting quality food into your body is a necessary component of a healthy lifestyle, and as a certified nutritionist we can work on that too. I'll help you integrate healthy, sustainable, food habits into your life that will improve your health, get you better results, and properly fuel you. 

I In addition to achieving your goals, we will help you create healthy and sustainable habits that fit your lifestyle. That way you can maintain your results longterm and avoid unhealthy fitness extremes like crash diets. 

I love what I do, and I know that with the right support system, and some accountability, anyone can get in the groove and enjoy fitness. Together we will get you feeling better than you ever thought possible, and we'll have a great time doing it! 


Session rates depend on how many times per week you train and whether the sessions are with one person or two people. We also offer half hour sessions for the same price as two person sessions. You get a free session to start, click the Book With Sydney button below to book that.

1 Hour One On One Training 
1 Hour Two Person Training 

1 Session Per Week...$75/session

2 Sessions Per Week..$70/session

3+ Sessions Per Week.$65/session

1 Session Per Week...$45/session

2 Sessions Per Week..$42/session

3+ Sessions Per Week.$39/session