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My main priority as a personal trainer is to help my clients reach their goals while providing an enjoyable and lively environment that encourages them to build a positive attitude towards achieving and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. 


If you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle mass, increase strength or simply improve your mobility then I’ve got you covered. I’ll be there to support, encourage and guide you through your fitness journey no matter what life throws at you. Together we can turn your goals into accomplishments. 

Caroline Strohmann

BA Exercise Sports Science | NASM-CPT | PPSC Certified | Husky Mom

Hi, my name is Caroline Strohmann and I am a NASM Personal Trainer and certified Pain Free Performance Specialist. I graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Exercise Sports Science. I love building relationships where I can share my knowledge and guide individuals through their health and fitness journey, ultimately changing their life for the better. 


When I’m not in the gym, I enjoy walking my husky through Zilker park, socializing with friends, reading my latest favorite book, and traveling. 


My love for health and fitness began when I started playing select soccer at the age of 9 and continued on for 10 years. Once I got to college I wasn’t ready to quit pushing my body beyond its limits, which led me to start getting more serious in the gym and quickly fell in love with weight training. My fitness journey has helped me become the person I am today by helping me build confidence, learn discipline, stay consistent, and overall feel better physically and mentally. 

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