​“I will only work out if I am forced to go to a trainer, so I called Chris Protein last year.

Chris Protein has taken me from 140 slim to 155 lbs athletic in just this one year. He has a low pressure type of training style that I like.

I only workout like 4 times a month and we have gotten results! Felt pretty easy, I'm a fan of that. He will know how to improve you. Call Chris Protein after you read this last word”

Rahul Kahol

Erin Price

My name is Erin, and I’m a NASM certified personal trainer. As child growing up in sports and an active family, fitness was always part of my life.  However, it was my time working at a gym in college that inspired me to become a trainer. The friendly, community-centered atmosphere quickly made it feel like my second home and I saw how many lives it positively changed. These transformations, physical and emotional, were incredibly motivating – and exactly what I wanted to help others achieve. 


I believe that having a support system is very important for getting results, and I am readily available to my clients when they need it to help encourage and support them along their fitness journey.


As a client myself, I’ve worked with trainers, both one-on-one and in group settings. These outside, professional support networks have helped me overcome many physical and mental obstacles to gain confidence inside and outside of the gym! With greater strength and confidence, I have become a better athlete and continue to find adventures that challenge me. I have been able to enjoy difficult hikes, complete a half-marathon, and most recently finish my first Spartan race. I’m also a foodie and enjoy researching and creating recipes I can share with others. With persistence, I have learned how to enjoy the food I love and still lived a healthy, balanced life.


I am always excited to work with clients ready to make positive changes. Whether it’s establishing heathier habits or a specific goal, I will design a customized plan providing the proper tools and guidance for success! No matter where you’re starting from, I’m here to help you feel better and reach your fitness goals!


Open 7 Days A Week

5:00 AM - 9:00 PM

By appointment only


5716 W US Hwy 290
Austin, TX 78735

Tel: 512-518-1180

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