​​Training session rates vary by the trainer, but typically range between $50 and $75 per session for 1 hour one on one sessions. Please  see each trainers individual bio by clicking on the Meet The Team page and then selecting the trainer you are interested in working with to view their rates. 


​​Training sessions take place at our gym, Evolve Personal Fitness. It is a state of the art facility with all standard equipment, amenities like showers and changing rooms (so you can workout on the way to work!), as well as a beautiful outdoor area with punching bags, TRX bands, tires, and more. Membership is free with any personal training package. We also offer gym membership by itself for $27/mo  (not required if you are doing personal training with one of the Chris Protein Team trainers). 


Personalized Nutrition Plan 

A completely customized nutrition plan is provided because it is an important part of achieving your fitness goals, and no strategy to achieve health and fitness goals would be complete without nutrition.


Personalized Exercise Plan 

A complete exercise plan is provided so that any workouts that you complete on your own are laid out for you and you'll know exactly what to do. 


24/7 Support 

If you have any questions on the exercise or nutrition plan or anything else fitness related you are welcome to ask anytime and we will always respond within 24 hours or less.


Body Composition Analysis 

We can take body fat, weight, measurements, BMI, and other metrics to gauge progress and we can check in every so often and make sure you are on track to achieve your goals. DEXA scans are also available for an additional $45. 


Personalized Goal Tracking 

Sets, repetitions, weights, body composition analysis results, and all markers of progress are recorded and tracked, and sent to you so you can see how you have progressed. 

Studio Access 

You'll have complete access to our studio with any personal training package at no additional charge. Our facility has bathrooms, showers, changing rooms, as well as a wide selection of state of the art equipment and a big outdoor workout area. We have also taken a number of anti-disease precautions including providing free masks & gloves, installing plexiglass shields, air purification systems, and rigorous daily professional sanitation.