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Chloe Flanders

BA Kinesiology and Exercise Science | Minor in Nutrition | PPSC Certified | Airplane Turbulence Enthusiast

My name’s Chloe Flanders and I’m an ACE Personal Trainer and Pain-Free Performance Specialist. I’m originally from Sarasota, Florida and graduated from The University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) with a degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science and a minor in Food and Nutrition.

Outside of the gym, you can find me traveling, spending time with friends and family, or doing anything outdoors. I love being on the lake, going to the beach, or visiting the city!

I have a background in competitive soccer as well as volleyball, lacrosse, and softball. While fitness has been my passion as long as I can remember, my personal trainer in high school fostered my love for this career. My time working for a holistic doctor and nutritionist helps me apply a uniquely holistic approach to getting my clients results.

Strength training has brought me a confidence I wish to instill in all my clients. I empathize with how intimidating getting started can be. As your trainer I'll help you get over the bumps in the road on your fitness journey, by providing accountability, support, and encouragement, every step of the way.

Whether you want to build muscle, lose weight, recover from an injury, or gain incredible confidence, I’m your girl. My mission is to help you achieve your fitness goals and coach you to becoming the happiest and healthiest version of yourself you can be. Click below to book your first session and we'll get started!

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