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I love cultivating a positive and energetic atmosphere that encourages clients to show up as their best selves. With my support I will help you to push beyond your limits while adopting a balanced and sustainable mentality toward your exercise habits and routine.

Montana Vigil

NASM CPT  |  Yogi  |  PPSC Certified  |  Corporate World Escapee

My name is Montana Vigil and I am a NASM Personal Trainer and certified Pain-free Performance Specialist. I recently relocated to Austin from Denver Colorado and am beyond excited to help individuals in the ATX community reach their health and fitness goals.


I began my fitness journey in college after significant weight gain and a battle with mental health. The gym helped me not only build both physical and mental strength, but moreover helped me take back control of my life. I spent many years post college working in the corporate world where I found my talents were not being put to good use, so I took the leap and turned my passion of fitness into my profession. 

In my free time I enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking, running, or swimming, cooking new and creative meals, traveling, and practicing yoga. 

As a personal trainer and coach I help my clients achieve their objectives by creating a supportive yet constructive working environment.  I specialize in weight loss, muscle building and muscle toning, and have worked with a wide array of clientele; from individuals with chronic diseases and obesity to postnatal mothers.


"Joining evolve personal fitness I did not know what to expect but I’ve been working with Montana since October of last year and have made amazing progress. She has kept me consistent and motivated, and has truly helped me in building a healthier lifestyle and overall habits.  I’ve lost weight and gone down in circumference on almost every area of my body and know that this will continue as Montana has taught me how to progress in a sustainable healthy way. I have learned how to work the machines in the gym, how to engage in muscle mind connection, and how to use progression overload effectively. I will continue to work with Montana and enjoy going to Evolve as someone who has had little to no experience in the gym, I feel confident I can continue with this foundation moving forward in my fitness lifestyle. Thank you Montana!!"

Courtney Smith

1 Hour One on One Training 

$85 per session

1 Hour Two Person Training 

$45 per session

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