Alyse Kelly, ACE-CPT

Executive Trainer  |  ACE-CPT  |  B.A .in Kinesiology  |  Basketball Fan

My name is Alyse and I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and have a degree in kinesiology with a specialization in athletic healthcare. I have coached, trained, and worked in the field of strength and conditioning for over 10 years, and I am currently studying to be an orthopedic doctor. I am also a huge college basketball fan, and my favorite team is UT (hook em')! 


I am passionate about helping people overcome injuries and improve athletic performance so that they can live a better and healthier life and excel in sports, or anything that gets thrown their way. This passion stems from my own experience with injuries that held me back, until I learned how to correct them. Once I did, I could move better, my performance improved, and I felt great.


If you are coming off of an injury or a surgery, I've got your back. We'll work on exercises that will build up your strength without aggravating any injuries you may have. I'll show you techniques that will reduce or eliminate any discomfort you feel so that you can live pain-free, and feel healthy, fit, and strong. 

Sport performance is another area that I love helping people with. If you want to take your performance on the court or the field to the next level, I will guide you through agility drills, mobility work, and strength movements that will have you crushing your game. 

Performance, mobility, and strengthening is key for maximizing your results, and getting the most out of life. By optimizing these areas you can get the most out the hard work you put in, and get the best results for goals like weight loss, toning, and sports performance. 

Even if you have been out for a while or never even stepped foot in the gym before, I will motivate you and guide you through the proper steps to safely and effectively get in the best shape of your life. We'll use sensible workouts and nutrition protocols to maximize your results. Over time you will see amazing improvements and watch yourself become healthy, balanced, and strong.


Session rates depend on how many times per week you train and whether the sessions are with one person or two people. We also offer half hour sessions for the same price as two person sessions. You get a free session to start, click the Book With Alyse button below to book that.

1 Hour One On One Training 
1 Hour Two Person Training 

1 Session Per Week...$66/session

2 Sessions Per Week..$58/session

3+ Sessions Per Week.$51/session

1 Session Per Week...$44/session

2 Sessions Per Week..$38/session

3+ Sessions Per Week.$32/session

"I love my trainer Alyse I've been working out with her for almost 5 months now 3 to 4 times a week and she always changes it up and it keeps me interested and I love the challenge."

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"I started working with Alyse in Feb and everything is going well for me. Down 35 pounds since I started and had not had any issues."

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Open 7 Days A Week

5:00 AM - 9:00 PM

By appointment only


5716 W US Hwy 290
Austin, TX 78735

Tel: 512-518-1180

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