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Easy Overhead Press Form Fix You Need To Know

If you include overhead presses in your workout routine (or plan to start at some point) it's very important that you maintain proper technique.

And if you are not utilizing them yet, you might want to consider it, as they are awesome for shoulder strength, development, and stability. They hit multiple muscles at a time, making them a great addition to fat burning circuits.

They are also just plain one of the most badass movements you can do. I mean, whats cooler than hoisting something up over your head?

Anyway, they are a great movement, BUT there is a common error that people tend to make, especially as the weight gets heavy.

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Fortunately it is pretty easy to fix, you just have to pay attention to it.

Watch the video below to see the form fix.

For making it all the way to the blog I'm going to give you a couple of bonus tips on dumbbell overhead presses.

1. Start with the weight/your fists slightly in front of your shoulder in the starting position. You can see Erin is doing this in the part of the video when she demonstrates the correct form.

2. As you push the dumbbells up over your head let them travel back slightly (an inch or two) such that the dumbbells and your fists end up directly over your ear in the finish position or at the top of the lift.

Doing these two things will put the weight in a position where you can execute the most force on it. In other words, you will be stronger in this movement pattern. It is also a safer position for the shoulders for most.

Give it a try at your next workout and tell us how it goes!

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