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Grow your glutes with this awesome booty circuit

Want to grow your glutes, shape your bum, and tone your backside?

Then this circuit is for you. Add it to your leg or glute workouts to get an awesome burn in your bum.

In the video below, glute expert and National Bikini Competitor Emily Clark shows trainer Ryan how it's done.

Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

Want expert instruction on how to complete these exercises and others that will help you get lean legs and booty, lose weight, tone up, and get in your best shape ever?

Come in for our Lifestyle and Transformation session, where you’ll meet with one of our personal training experts and discuss your goals, do a workout, get your measurements taken, and get nutrition and exercise recommendations to achieve goals. You’ll learn how to lose weight, add muscle tone, and feel fit, confident, and healthy. These are normally $60+/session, but we are offering them for free right now. Spots are limited, so click below to reserve yours now.

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