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Reverse Dieting: How To Increase Your Metabolic Rate and Lose Fat While Still Eating More

Feel burned out from off and on dieting? Or feel like you are not overweight or skinny but still feel pudgy or 'skinny-fat'? Or maybe you are just coming to the end of a long and arduous fat loss diet, and wanting to maintain your results without continuing to restrict as much.

You may be a good candidate for a reverse diet. Reverse dieting is the process of steadily adding calories into your diet over time. It can reverse the metabolic adaptation done by constant yo-yo dieting or week long restriction followed by weekend binging.

It is also a fantastic way to keep your fat loss progress from pretty much any diet that you go on. Once you get to the end of your fat loss diet, simply begin the reverse diet process, and you'll be able to maintain most of the progress you made, or even continue burning more fat in some cases.

I'll go ahead and state the obvious which is that this sounds too good to be true. But, it's important to be clear that reverse dieting does not mean just randomly throwing any old food into your diet willy nilly. The caloric increase needs to be slow, controlled, and closely monitored in order to have success. So you can't make it work by just adding a few random donuts into your current diet.

It also takes hard work and effort over a significant time period. You can't reverse diet fast, so don't expect a quick result.

Also, it goes without saying that this is not medical advice and if you think you might have disordered eating please see a registered dietician.

In the video below, Team Protein Senior Trainer and National Bikini Competitor Emily Clark gives a seminar on reverse dieting and talks about what it is and how to do it.

If you have any questions about it, drop us a line!

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