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7 Best Morning Exercises For Men to Start The Day

Working out in the morning can be difficult at first, but it can be your best choice all day. Exercise at sunrise gets your body moving and provides the physical and mental boost you need to be productive. You’ll feel alert, accomplished and relieved when carrying on with your day. How can you start your morning with fun and fitness? Here’s a guide on morning exercises for men and why you should add them to your routine.

7 Best Morning Exercises for Men to Start the Day

What is the best workout for early morning exercise? The best one is the one you look forward to doing each morning. Here are the seven best morning exercises for men to get your blood pumping. 


The first regimen is simple — start your morning with stretching and mobility work. This exercise doesn’t require much effort but can help with increasing blood flow and energy levels. Additionally, it can reduce the risk of injuries. A 2021 Journal of Clinical Exercise Physiology study finds acute and chronic stretching positively affect injury incidence and balance.  


People stretching

While there are all kinds of different types of stretches, starting your day with vigorous dynamic stretches will likely be best. These exercises will get you moving and help more with increasing energy levels throughout the day. Hip openers, high knees, wall slides, and arm cirlces are excellent examples of dynamic morning stretches. 


Planks are excellent because they engage your entire body, and are physically (and mentally) challengin. Your upper body, lower body and especially core all have to work together to keep you in position. They can also be done anywhere, with no equipment necessary.


Pushups are a solid upper body exercise you can do with no equipment. They’re among the best morning exercises for men because they efficiently work your triceps, chest, shoulders and core. There are also lots of variants to choose from, so you'll never get bored with them. 


Squats are among the best lower-body exercises because they engage so many muscle groups, including the glutes, quads and hamstrings. Plus, they require proper core engagement and strengthen the spinal erectors of the lower back.


You need no equipment for squats — just space around you to exercise. Stand up straight, then pretend you’re lowering your body into a chair. The deeper you go, the more challenging they will be.

Hanging Knee Raises

If you want an upper body and abdomen workout, try hanging knee raises for a fun morning challenge. This exercise requires a pull-up bar or something to hang onto. Hold the bar while lifting your knees up and down. Once you get the hang of it, you can add resistance bands to your feet to make the workout more challenging. 


While your core is the primary target, your upper body gets plenty of work while hanging onto the bar.

Man planking


 Swimming is ideal if you’re looking for fun, low-impact, cardiovascular exercise. Swimming is easy on your joints and cahllenging enough to increase your body’s heart rate. Incorporate swimming into your morning routine to build endurance and improve cardiovascular health.


Dr. Mustafa Tai, a psychiatrist and Medical Director at PyschPlus, says exercise benefits your mental health as well as your physical health. 


“Many people know that exercise can help with anxiety and even depression, but they don’t understand how,” Tai says. “Research shows that exercising on a regular basis can release natural chemicals in your brain such as endorphins and endogenous cannabinoids.”


What is the best workout for early morning gains? The best regimens are those you can access and enjoy doing the most. Make exercise fun in the morning and enjoy yourself.


Another worthy exercise is cycling. Whether you prefer a stationary bike or outdoors, cycling is a fitting exercise regimen if you want something that doesn’t strain the joints. Cycling boosts your heart and lung health and increases your adrenaline, but is less strenuous on the joints than running. Getting a 30 minute ride in the morning on your bike will have you cruising through the rest of your day. 


Like swimming, cycling is another exercise that benefits your mental health as much as your physical health. Regular cycling can reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety and help you feel relaxed during the day, making it one of the best morning exercises for men. 


“Specifically, any type of exercise such as swimming, running and biking that improves oxygen circulation to the muscles in your heart and lungs can reduce anxiety,” Tai says.

Man Cycling

Is It Best for Men to Work Out in the Morning?

While getting up early for a workout might be challenging, it’s worth considering. Morning exercise an excellent stress reliever and mood enhancer. Dr. Kevin Huffman, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and CEO and founder of Ambari Nutrition, says regular exercise is an effective treatment for daily stress and anxiety. 


“Exercise­ conditions the body to respond calmly to stressors, alle­viating physical symptoms of anxiety like a racing heart or shallow bre­athing,” Huffman says.

Physical activity requires physical exertion, but it makes you feel ready to tackle what is ahead of you during the day. After morning exercise, you feel alert, happy and relaxed.


“Regular exercise has a positive impact on our mental well-being,” Huffman says. “It triggers the release of endorphins, natural mood enhancers that effe­ctively reduce stre­ss and anxiety levels.


“The­se endorphins not only boost our happiness and relaxation but also alleviate any pain symptoms associated with anxie­ty.”


So, is it best for men to work out in the morning? That depends on your schedule and preferences. Morning exercise is worth your consideration because it has demonstrated benefits.

Trainer and Client

Try These Morning Exercises for Men With a Personal Trainer

Having a personal trainer by your side will make your morning workouts more fun and effective. If you’re ready to get started, click here for a free Transformation Session. Our professionals provide daily support and create a personalized plan for you to crush your sunrise exercise.  



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