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Client of the Month September 2023: Nick Easley

Nick and his trainer Will

Nick is our Client of the Month! When he came to us he wanted to gain strength, build muscle, and maintain a consistent exercise routine of 3-4 workouts per week. But as many of us can relate, a chaotic work schedule that included week-long trips was holding him back from reaching those goals.

His Trainer, Will

He began working with Will, one of our expert trainers who is particularly passionate about helping people build muscle, gain strength, and accomplish their fitness goals. Through his extensive knowledge, real world experience, and scientific approach, he worked with Nick to overcome his obstacles, and achieve fantastic results.

Turning Challenges to Motivation

Nick decided he would turn his challenges into motivation and make his health a non-negotiable part of his life. If he couldn’t attend a scheduled gym session due to a work trip, he was proactive about rescheduling it. If there wasn’t a gym available, especially during his travels, Nick would find other ways to keep moving, like solo workouts at a gym, or taking his super-active pup for a run or a hike. Regardless of his location or work commitments, Nick got it done!

Impressive Results

His commitment, alongside Wills expert guidance, led to impressive results. Here are a few highlights of the progress Will recorded along the way:

  • Deadlift strength surged by 27%

  • 26% increase in Back Squat

  • Mastered the 'Sissy Squat', and can rep it out while holding a 100lb dumbbell

  • Became proficient in 35+ new exercises

  • His mobility improved leading to an increase in squat depth and he has better spinal control

Nick's story is a testament to the power of consistency. Instead of striving for perfection and becoming disheartened by the chaos of his schedule, he prioritized consistent effort. This is key for success! It’s not all about crazy and intense workouts that leave you sore for a week or headed to the bathroom to hurl. It's the day to day decisions - like choosing to remain active despite hurdles - that add up over time to create big results.

Nick's Take

Here is what Nick had to say about his experience: "Great Gym and incredible trainers. I wanted to get back into lifting and wanted to learn the correct movements and needed someone to hold me accountable. I tried a few other trainers in different gyms and I was not getting what I needed. I started training training with Will Cho several months ago and he is amazing. he has a great program, keeps me on track and continues to push me. Highly Highly Recommend."

Great job Nick for embracing this and finding success, and a huge shoutout to his trainer Will for his unyielding support and high level guidance through the journey.

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Will Assessing Deadlift Form


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