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Client Spotlight: Colton's Fitness Transformation

We love to celebrate the success stories of our clients! Seeing them improve their health is

A trainer stretching with her client

what drives us and it is so rewarding to see their success. Today, we're putting the client spotlight on Colton, who works with Jessica.

His achievements over the past few months are genuinely commendable, and are a great example of what consistent and healthy progression looks like.

In three months, he has shed an impressive 8% body fat and lost 15 pounds. He has also mastered many exercises, including the trap bar deadlift which he can now do with 200 lbs on the bar. And before a couple of months ago he had never even lifted a barbell!

To accomplish this he first worked on functional fitness to ensure a solid foundation and avoid injury. After that he began learning exercises like the trap bar deadlift and bench press, and even complex sequences like the landmine variants in the video below.

In addition to her expert coaching in the gym, Jessica helped him develop healthy nutrition habits as well. Now his food intake includes lots of whole, nutrient dense foods which further fuel his fitness journey.

Nice work, Colton! Your fitness journey shows what is possible with smart, consistent training and healthy habits. Kickstart Your Fitness Journey Today!

Get a roadmap to your best self by coming in for our Transformation Session! This life changing session includes all of the following:

  • In depth consultation with a professional personal trainer

  • Guided workout with one of our fitness experts who will push you and ensure your movement technique is perfect

  • A plan for what you need to do to see the results you want. Think of it as a personalized roadmap to fitness success!

Your session is FREE so you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Start your fitness journey today, and start it off right! Click below to book.


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