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Greg's Transformation: From Car Accident Recovery to Resilient Strength and Energy

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Don’t let age stop you from achieving your fitness goals. Greg’s story is a great example of how putting your mind to a goal and achieving it can be super rewarding and beneficial!

Greg was in a severe car accident when he was a teenager and his recovery has been a long process. He was concerned when he started that his injuries from the car accident might slow him down, but now he comes to the gym seven days a week, and has strengthened his body and mind at the Chris Protein Personal Training studio.

Since starting his fitness journey here, Greg has increased his endurance and improved his strength. Despite being 62, he says he’s in the best shape of his life. Check out Greg’s transformation in his own words below:

Greg’s Story: A Fitness Inspiration

Greg’s fitness story starts with his severe car accident four decades ago. Recovery has been no cakewalk, as Greg experienced lingering trouble with his hips and legs. This focus meant Greg needed special attention in these areas.

A few years ago, Greg stopped by after seeing the sign caught his attention. Greg spoke with Chris, the owner, and discussed his fitness goals and needs.

“I talked to Chris and decided I’m going to give this place a shot,” he said.

Chris paired Greg with David and their relationship has yielded terrific results. Greg was initially surprised that the workouts were not as hard as he expected, and he wondered if the routines were hard enough. As he built stability and strong a foundation he came to realize there was a 'method to the madness'.

“What I’ve learned over time is that there’s a method to the madness,” he said. “You have to assess, you have to gain stability, and then you gain strength.”

Greg also has to work around a hectic travel schedule, so David set specific plans for fitness routines for that. His personalized training regimen includes working out in hotel gyms, with a variety of equipment or even no equipment.

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Reaping the Rewards: Resilient Strength

Greg’s strength and stamina are the best they have ever been at any point in his life. Greg is 62 and says he can lift and endure more in his workouts than at any age before.

Besides the physical results, Greg says his sleep has seen huge improved thanks to his workouts. “I sleep like the dead now,” he exclaims!

Greg visits the Chris Protein Personal Training Gym daily and works with David four times a week. His dedication has sparked more energy for the rest of his day.

“There’s definitely more energy throughout the day, particularly in the morning,” he said. “I travel quite a bit, and that’s when I really noticed the workouts and the benefits they bring to me in terms of having more energy across a very long trip.”

Using Greg’s Story to Inspire Others

Greg’s story is inspirational for anybody who wants to overcome adversity. His car accident was a setback, but his perseverance has carried him a long way.

What can we learn from Greg's story? That there are many ways to transform your mind and body, regardless of age.


The hardest part of your fitness journey might be getting started. You may need help with the first workout or need help knowing where to begin. Greg says patience is vital when starting your training.

“If someone is looking to start training with a personal trainer, you just have to be patient,” he said. “It’s not going to come on day one or week one”. Greg speaks from experience about patience because his journey seemed slow at first. However, you must start with a foundation to make noticeable gains later.

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Diet is a significant part of your fitness because it complements your hard work at the gym. Older adults need protein to ensure their muscle mass doesn’t decline as they age. Experts recommend about 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight.

How can you increase your protein intake? Meat options like poultry and fish are excellent, but you don’t have to stop at animal products. Beans, lentils and plant-based foods can be terrific protein sources.


Greg said sleep was an issue because he used to go to bed late. However, training has significantly improved his sleeping habits and brought better nightly rest.

Sleep experts recommend seven to nine hours of sleep daily to reduce the risk of health issues. Following this recommendation will also give your body the rest it needs to ensure it’s ready for the next workout.

If you don’t get enough sleep, you risk not seeing the full benefits of your workouts. A 2021 study found one night of sleep deprivation could lead to anabolic resistance. That means less muscle building. Fortunately a regular workout regimen can improve sleep.

Start Your Transformation Story With Chris Protein Training

If you’re ready for a personalized fitness plan and begin working with a professional trainer, click here to book a VIP transformation session. This consultation is the first step toward achieving your health goals!

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