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How to Use Hip Thrusts to Build Your Booty With Caroline!

Caroline Strohmann is a NASM Personal Trainer with a degree in exercise science. With her tips, you’ll ace hip thrusts and learn how to build your booty. This exercise will also engage your core and lower body. and strengthen your back.


As a trainer, Caroline aims to make exercise more enjoyable in a positive environment. Explore her demo for excellent hip thrusts in the video below.

Setting the Stage

The foundation for your exercise is crucial. With it, you can avoid incorrect form, underperformance or injury. Caroline says to start by sitting on the ground with a bench or support directly behind your lower back. Grab a loaded barbell and place it across your hips.

For safety reasons, it’s best to have a padded mat or a squat sponge on the barbell to protect your hips. It may also be beneficial to place a mat on the floor beneath you. Adjust it as necessary to ensure you have the correct position relative to the bench.

Caroline recommends leaning against the bench to where it hits below your shoulder blades. This choice allows your hips a wider range of motion, making the exercise feel better. Plant your feet on the ground about hip-width apart.

Positioning Yourself

A Blonde Woman In a Gym Doing a Barbell Hip Thrust Exercise

Your form affects your entire body, not just the lower sections. Correctly engaging your upper body, lower body and core is integral to getting maximum results from your workouts. Here’s what Caroline’s advice is about positioning yourself.

First, focus on your head. Your neck should remain neutral as you slightly tuck in your chin. This chin movement is crucial because you don’t want to arch your back. Your spine should be in a neutral position to avoid injuries and maximize glute growth. A 2021 study found 6.1 spinal injuries occur per 1 million people annually in athletic environments. Therefore, it’s crucial to have good form.

Caroline’s last tip for your form is to position the barbell securely over your hips. Following this heightens safety because you don’t want the bar rolling away from your hips or shifting during the movement. Firmly gripping the it will ensure a secure connection and make your workout more effective.

Doing Hip Thrusts Correctly for Booty Building

Now, it’s time to start the exercise. Drive your hip thrusts through your heels and extend your hips vertically. Squeeze those glutes as you lift to maximize each rep. Push until you’ve fully extended your hips and flexed your glutes. You’ll feel resistance as you push.

Once you’ve reached your peak, it’s time for the descent. Slowly return your hips to the ground in a controlled manner. When you move slowly, you force your glutes to stay engaged throughout. You lose effectiveness if you drop your body and the barbell quickly.

After your slow descent, your glutes will eventually touch the ground. When you feel the seat, it’s time to begin the next rep. Caroline says you should resist the urge to de-load or bounce on the weight. Prioritize constant tension on your glutes to get the best results from your workouts.

A woman in blue athletic attire doing a barbell hip thrust with a trainer in a modern gym

How to Build Your Glutes With Other Exercises

While hip thrusts are terrific, they’re not the only super workout. These three exercises demonstrate how to build your glutes for a well-rounded fitness routine.


Squats are one of the top exercises for building glutes, and with good reason. They have been shown to be one of the top exercises for building glutes, and quadriceps as well. Don't leave them or variants of them out of your program if you want a full booty building workout.

Abduction Exercises

Leg abductions are a fantastic exercise because they build the glute medius, which is the glute muscle that is responsible for bringing your leg out to your side (abduction).

If you have resistance bands, put them around your thighs. Position your body halfway into a squat to engage your glutes. Then take a step to the right. Do the same for your left leg for even performance on both sides. Repeat this (20-30 reps) until you feel a good booty burn.


A woman in black athletic in a gym doing a barbell deadlift

If you enjoy weightlifting, deadlifts are another fantastic exercise for building glutes and strengthening your core. There are many variations, and most of them will produce excellent results.

To do a conventional deadlift, place your feet halfway under the barbell and push your hips back. Grab the weight and bend your knees until your shin touches the metal. Your back should be straight to avoid injuries. Pull the barbell up with your body until it reaches above your hips.

Build Your Glutes Today With Chris Protein Personal Training in Austin

Two women in black athletic attire smiling and posing for a picture in a modern gym setting.

Focusing on the glutes is an excellent way to strengthen your body. These workouts set the foundation for squats, running and other fun exercises.

If you’re ready to take your workouts to the next level, book a free Transformation Session with Chris Protein Personal Training. This hour will outline your personalized plan and daily support to reach your fitness goals.


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