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I Want To Start Working Out, But It's Just Not A Good Time!

Concerned about an obstacle to fitness

We all know getting started is the hardest part when it comes to working out. Once you get in the habit, it is easier to keep the ball rolling (an object in motion tends to stay in motion) and continue your workouts.

Why Starting is Hard

Getting started can be difficult for a number of reasons. I have had clients tell me they struggled with feeling overwhelmed because they thought working was going to be really hard or painful, or overly time consuming. Some thought they needed to wait until they had 10-15 hours a week to put towards exercising, meal prepping, getting steps, etc. (Don't worry, you don't have to make fitness a part time job to see results). Some worry they won't see results because they have not had luck with other programs in the past.

But the most common thing I hear is that it is not a good time to get started due to a big life event or stressor that is currently happening or coming up. A few common ones are

  • Buying a house

  • Having a death/tragedy in the family

  • Buying a car

  • A new partner or getting married

  • Breaking up or getting divorced

  • Going to school

  • Trip/vacation coming up

  • Having kids

  • Getting a new job

  • Having a busy travel schedule

The list goes on.

These stressors (good and bad) DO make it more challenging to get started working out. Having kids can take up time and energy that could be used for hitting the gym. Going through a break up or a divorce can make us feel down in the dumps and not want to exercise. Buying a house or car can make us nervous about investing in our health.

These struggles are real, and they absolutely present a challenge to accomplishing our fitness goals.


The solution however, is not to just put off starting to exercise until they go away, because as you can tell from looking at the list, there are a lot of stressors and events that happen throughout life. Which means, if we try to wait until there isn't one going on...we'll end up waiting until it is too late, and never get started.

Which is ironic, because exercise and fitness helps us deal with and get through these types

Happy client working out

of struggles. Working out helps increase energy and productivity and will help you excel at the new job or keep up with the kids. Exercise releases endorphins and makes us feel better when going through tough times, like a break up or divorce. Plus, you can't deny it makes us more marketable and a better partner when we're ready to get back out there and date again.

So the perfect stress free time (with lots of motivation) isn’t coming, and plus, getting started on our fitness goals will almost certainly help with whatever current life events we're going through.

So how do we get going then, even when it feels impossible because of everything that is going on?

It is simpler and easier than you think: Start small and build up.

If going to the gym three to five times a week for an hour or two is too much of a commitment right off the bat, start with just one or two gym sessions, bodyweight workouts at home, going for walks, or making a nutritional improvement. Even one of these things will have a huge impact!

a person deadlifting

Step By Step

That's right, even small steps are very worthwhile. Almost everyone I talk to thinks they need to do more than they actually do in order to see results. Most peoples line of thought goes something like this:

"I need to workout with weights at least two or three times a week to build muscle, then add two or three thirty to forty-five minute cardio sessions to burn the fat. Eight hours of sleep is a must, and if I'm not counting calories, cutting carbs, and drinking a gallon of water everyday my workouts won't be fueled properly, will have no effect, and I will see no results whatsoever."

The reality is that even starting with a habit of going for walks, doing short workouts, or adding lean proteins or veggies to each meal can increase energy, improve health, and get you going towards your goals. Accomplishing these small things will build your confidence to add more and see bigger and bigger changes. Most importantly it ends the ‘put it off’ mindset that holds you back, and gets you started - which is always the hardest part.

a fun workout

If have questions feels free to drop us a line, we love to chat! If you need additional help, consider one of our training programs. With our training, it is okay if you are a busy professional, going through a rough patch, or have big changes going on in life. Our trainers help you find the time, prioritize the important things that get you results, and keep you from wasting your efforts on things that don't. That way, you can get in amazing shape regardless of how busy you are.

It all starts with the Transformation Session! This one hour session takes place at our state of the art studio located in South Austin. You'll do a detailed consultation, a short workout, and receive a clear plan for starting and seeing success with your fitness goals. It is completely free so you have nothing to lose. Click here to book!

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