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Join Us for a Guided Cardio & Lower Body Group Workout!

Hey fit fam! Fall is upon us as with the temperatures getting crisper, there is no better way to enjoy it than with a fun outdoor workout. As such we are having a free guided cardio and leg workout hosted by former NFL player, professional personal trainer, and coach, Emory Blake.

Event Bulletin for Guided Workout

Join us Saturday November 4th at 9:00am at Clint Small Middle School Track for a workout that will consist of a blend of exercises guided by Emory. It will start with some dynamic stretching and agility drills to warm up, then a self-paced sprint workout, and finally a host of mobility exercises for the hips, knees, and ankles, followed by a cooldown. You'll feel challenged and refreshed after, and get educated on best practices for lower body speed, agility, and mobility.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, lace up your sneakers and mark your calendars for this fun community fitness event.

All are welcome, but spots are limited, so text 'Sprint' to 512-518-1180 to reserve yours!

Emory Encouraging at a Workout

If you are reading this and it is past don't worry, you can still get expert instruction from Emory! Book your free session online and you'll get:

  • In depth consultation with Emory or another one of Austin's best personal trainers

  • A guided workout to ensure your movement technique is is on point so you target the right muscles and don't get injured

  • A plan to see the results you deserve. It's a personalized roadmap to success!

Your session is FREE so you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Start your fitness journey today, and start it off right! Click the pic below to book.

Team Photo


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