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Join Us For a Special Group Workout This Sunday!

Celeste Chamaa Group Workout Instructor

We're excited to announce that we have an exciting group workout session hosted by none other than expert personal trainer, group fitness leader, and workout whiz, Celeste Chamaa!

It's located at our studio Evolve Personal Fitness at 5716 W Highway 290, Austin, Texas 78735. It will take place Sunday, September 10th 2023 at 10:00 am. If you're a member, a client, friend or family, or just want to check us out, you are welcome to join.

Not only will it be a fun sweat sesh, it's also an opportunity to connect with our community of clients and trainers. This workout will indoors, and be appropriate for all experience levels, from those just starting their fitness journey to experienced athletes. Prepare to be challenged and have fun!

Event Flier

If you can't make it or are reading this after Sept 23rd 2023, then don't worry there are still ways to connect and get a great workout. We host these periodically and you can also schedule a free transformation session right now! What's that? It is just what you need to achieve your goals: an hour long session with one of our trainers that includes:

Celeste instructing client
  • An in depth consultation with a professional personal trainer: they'll get all the info they need to produce a plan to get you results

  • Guided workout with one of our fitness experts who will push you and ensure your movement technique is perfect

  • A plan for everything you need to achieve your goals! You'll leave knowing exactly what to do to succeed.

Your session is FREE so you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Click here to book!


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