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Matt’s Incredible Story of Transformation: From Cancer Treatments to Professional Baseball

When he walked through the doors of Chris Protein Personal Training, Matt was looking for a personal transformation. His body had changed significantly from a battle with cancer, and he wanted to get back in shape. After a long journey of hard work and perseverance, Matt is now pursuing his baseball dreams, and even playing in the MLB!

Matt’s Story of Perseverance

Matt’s life changed drastically after being diagnosed with cancer. He couldn’t follow his typical fitness routine due to his illness and fatigue.

“I couldn’t get out of bed,” Matt said. “I just lost the ability to go out and be active.”

“You just gain a lot of weight, especially if you’re used to doing routines prior.”

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) suggests at least 30 minutes of physical activity five days a week. However, when you are very sick like Matt was, this can be unattainable.

Overcoming Setbacks

Before his diagnosis, Matt went to the gym three or four days a week. Once he returned to the gym, he was back to level one.  

“After getting sick for a couple of years, I couldn’t do anything, so I was pretty much starting from scratch again,” Matt said.

On top of his fitness setbacks, Matt also had concerns about the pandemic and the gym. Exercise makes you more likely to spread aerosol particles carrying COVID-19, so Matt was concerned about health and cleanliness. He was very happy to find that the gym was very clean, and took precautions against the spread of disease.

Getting Back in the Gym

If you haven’t been in the gym in a while, you may be hesitant because of the injury risks. For instance, ankles are easy to reinjure if they don’t heal properly. Thanks to his trainer, Alyse, Matt felt comfortable getting back into exercise.

“I think the biggest thing is you’re really susceptible to injuries at that point,” he said. “You can tear easily — you can’t do the workload that someone normally could.”

“Alyse and the staff made sure I had a very specific, tailored training schedule so that that I would stay healthy and would not overload me.”

Matt’s Story With Chris Protein Personal Training

When restarting his fitness journey, Matt wanted a different approach to personal training. He said other gyms have broader plans applying to the general populace. However, Chris Protein Personal Training designed a routine customized for him to first recover, and then advance his training.

“Alyse tailored my approach, and in the end, I walked out with a really good trainer but also a friend.” Matt said.

Bracing the Ups and Downs

Chemotherapy made Matt’s journey far more challenging, as he saw ups and downs in his health. He thought his cancer was benign, but it worsened over time. At one point, he said he was just a few weeks from dying.

But the setbacks didn’t stop Matt, and he pushed through adversity, first beating cancer, and then making major improvements to his fitness.  

“I lost 90 pounds, and I put on 40 pounds of muscle,” he said. “Right now, I’m around 190 pounds, and most of that is muscle.” Thanks to his physical transformation, he was able to get back into the sport he loves, baseball.

Baseball Training

Baseball players need specific workouts in their training to be the best athlete they can be. When Matt set his sights on improving his game, Alyse used her over 15 years of strength and conditioning experience to help him improve there as well.  

“It was all a tailored approach, and actually, Alyse looked up specific baseball and sport-specific training,” Matt said. “Her background with UT Athletics was great.”

Matt emphasized consistency by attending workout sessions and exercising regardless of the weather. Whether 30 F or 100 F outside, he was training. The hard work and consistency paid off, as he is now playing professional baseball for the New York Mets.

Focusing on Nutrition

While physical activity is crucial, you must also focus on your nutrition. Diet has been essential to Matt’s story, as it helps him lose weight and start his fitness journey correctly.

“Alyse actually worked with the nutritionist I had at MD Anderson [Cancer Center], and everything was in synchronization there,” Matt said. “So we focused on getting me healthy, and then we focused on building a lot of muscle.”

Inspiring Others

Matt’s story doesn’t stop here, as he continues to improve his physical fitness and baseball training. What’s next for him? He says he wants to share his experience and help others who may go through a similar situation.

“I think for me, not many people play professional baseball and say, ‘hey, I’m 31, I want to play professional baseball again,’” Matt said. “I’m looking forward to having fun and performing and competing at an elite level but also using my story to inspire others and bring awareness specifically to blood cancer.”

Gaining Confidence

While inspiring others is excellent, you must also be confident in yourself. Matt’s fitness journey and personal transformation have made him healthier and helped him feel better about his fitness.

“I think that’s a big thing for everyone that goes to the gym, and you obviously want to be healthy internally and feel good about yourself,” he said. “For me, I feel like I can wake up every morning, and I don’t feel like an overwhelming sense of stress that ‘hey, I’m not in shape’ or ‘I need to get in shape.’”Matt’s story is incredible, and we are so thankful to him for sharing it with us. We hope you find it inspiring as well!

Kickstart Your Fitness Journey With Chris Protein

Your fitness journey starts when you walk in the door at Chris Protein Personal Training. If you want a personalized fitness plan, click here to book a VIP transformation session. You’ll consult an expert trainer and take the first step toward your goals.


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