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Personal Training Client of the Month May 2023 | Courtney Smith

This Months Client of the Month is Courtney Smith! Congratulations 👏

From her trainer Montana: When Courtney came in she was looking to lose body fat, build muscle, and learn how to properly and safely use weights and work out in a gym setting. She wanted to adopt a healthier lifestyle but struggled with consistency and a lack of results.

Since starting she has made an amazing positive lifestyle shift. She cut down on alcohol, incorporates more protein and whole foods, and always makes it in to work out. Even if she is out of town, she'll find a way to get a work out in!

Not only that, she has accomplished many other goals including:

✔️ Losing over 10 inches in circumference measurements, with 6 inches coming off of her waist

✔️ Developing great form on a variety of exercises

✔️ Improving her confidence and feeling like she knows how to work out

✔️ Increasing her water intake

Great work Courtney, we knew you could do it! 👏 👏 👏

Courtney's before and afters

Here is What She Has To Say About Her Training Experience:

"Joining the gym I did not know what to expect but I’ve been working with Montana since October of last year and have made amazing progress. She has kept me consistent and motivated, and has truly helped me in building a healthier lifestyle and overall habits. Our workouts are always diverse, challenging, and fun. I’ve lost weight and gone down in circumference on almost every area of my body and know that this will continue as Montana has taught me how to progress in a sustainable healthy way. I have learned how to work the machines in the gym, how to engage in muscle mind connection, and how to use progression overload effectively. I will continue to work with Montana and enjoy going to Evolve as someone who has had little to no experience in the gym, I feel confident i can continue with this foundation moving forward in my fitness lifestyle. Thank you Montana!!"

Courtney's Before and Afters

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Trainer Getting a Workout In


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