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Trainer Tip of the Week: Bulgarian Split Squats With Montana

Trainer Doing Bulgarian Split Squat

Montana has an exercise for us this week, and it is going to make your legs burn! This exercise is one of the most feared in the fitness industry, second only to burpees. If you are ready to give your legs a challenge, then this one is for you.

It is called the Bulgarian Split Squat, and it is great for developing all the major leg muscles including quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

It requires something for you to position your back foot on, like a bench. You can also use a barbell with a pad on it, and set it at whatever height feels best for you by adjusting the J-cups that the barbell sits in.

In the video below, Montana goes over how to do this exercise:

Next up is a quick demonstration:

To make this exercise easier you can position your leg on the floor and hold onto something stable for balance like a bench or side of the squat rack.

To make it harder you can add weights by holding dumbbells or even positioning a barbell on your back.

Nancy Doing Deadlift

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Celeste Doing a Jump Split Squat


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