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Tom Bold

REP-CPT  |  B.A. in Kinesiology  |  Former Rugby Player 

Born and raised in London, I grew up playing a wide range of sports but eventually focused on rugby where I played a few years semi-professionally before hanging up my boots to pursue a career in the fitness industry.

I have over 17 years of experience working with clients and have developed a deep passion for observing the life-changing effects that fitness can have on a person's life. I love helping people of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels and have worked with a wide range of clients from high level athletes to absolute beginners.

My philosophy draws from a deep understanding of strength and conditioning principles as well as experience with corrective exercise, mobility and movement training. All my training programs are individualized for each and every client depending on their goals and needs.

I have extensive experience with implementing body transformation programs and a detailed understanding of effective and sustainable nutrition protocols. I believe the training process should be enjoyable and rewarding and do my utmost to cultivate an excellent relationship with my clients that leads to significant and measurable success.

If you’re ready to make tangible changes to your health and fitness then I’m ready to be your coach. I’ll motivate you and support you and together we’ll get you into the best shape of your life. Click below to schedule your first appointment today!

"Love the Chris Protein Personal Training crew at Evolve gym. I have been working with Tom Bold for last several months. And feel that in a short time I have made great progress to my goals. Tom is personable, responsive and deeply technical when it's called for. There is a real sense of partnership in the workouts. I couldn't be any happier. My only regret is that by sharing this positive review too many people will join!"

Tony Dina

"Our trainer Tom goes above and beyond. His positivity and knowledge are what keep us motivated throughout our sessions. Not only does he create good workout plans for us, he’s always reminding us of ways to stay healthy outside of the gym and giving us recommendations on how to learn more. We also love that stretching is a part of the session. We start by stretching and getting warmed up and also end with the same thing. We really feel like Tom cares about our well-being!"

Camila Gonzalez

"So glad we found Tom and Evolve! Tom is great. He started us with achievable work outs that were actually enjoyable. He's very good about showing proper form and explaining which muscle group is getting worked. I got a shoulder injury (not at the gym!) and Tom modified my movements so I could work the muscle group without causing strain to the injury. I can't say enough good things about Evolve or Tom. Everyone is nice and we don't feel intimidated. You're really there to be the best version of you, not to feel inferior."

Liz Ivey

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