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Client Spotlight: Eric Melcer!

This month's client spotlight goes to Eric Melcer! He started training with Emily in June 2017 and has seen major improvements since.

Before starting he was hitting the bike consistently, but was struggling with back pain from poor posture. He wanted to begin strength training but wasn’t sure where to start, so he decided to work with Emily to learn proper form and get a structured plan.

Since beginning Eric has made major improvements to his strength and mobility! His form has made great progress, and he's mastered the 'hip hinge' which is a technique that is essential for lifting heavy weights. The results show; he’s worked his way up to squatting 205 pounds, and leg pressing 500 pounds (on a bad day!). And he is completely pain free now. Even box jumps are no problem, and he can jump from a complete stand still right on to a 30 inch box. His upper body mobility has also improved too, which allows him to lift much heavier with proper form and see better results!

Eric loves to challenge himself, is always positive, and never places limitations on his abilities. He continues to set new goals and increase his strength and power.

Great job Eric, you’ve made amazing progress and continue to impress us all at Chris Protein Personal Training!

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