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Client Spotlight: Connor Davis!

This month's client spotlight goes to Connor Davis!

Connor started training with Ryan last September. At that time he was working out at the gym with friends, but there was no real structure when it came to each workout and he soon hit a plateau.

He decided to try personal training because he was getting bored of doing the same thing over and over and not making any big improvements, especially in his bench press.

He wanted to build lean muscle mass and improve his bench press max which was stuck at 225lbs for 4 reps and 245lbs for a 1 rep max. Now he is breaking personal records every month. This month he accomplished 225lbs for 10 reps and 300lbs for a 1 rep max. He never thought 300lbs on the bench press was possible, but he put in the work and it has paid off.

Along with the amazing bench press results, he has lost 5% body fat and is feeling great!

Connor continues to show up to training sessions on-time and never misses a week. His nutrition is always consistent which allows him to make more progress and improve in the gym. The goal is to keep gaining lean muscle and increasing his PR on Bench Press!

Hard work pays off! Keep on killin’ it Connor!!

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