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Client Spotlight: How Rachel lost over 40 lbs, gained strength, and got hooked on working out!

Shout to Rachel for being our client spotlight of the month!! 🏋️‍♀️😃 She has lost 41 lbs, many inches, and gotten much stronger 💪

She always puts in effort, is super consistent, and we are really proud of her! ⁠She started training with Erin in March 2018 in order to get back into the swing of things after taking a few years off from playing volleyball and working out consistently. She knew she needed variety in her workouts and someone holding her accountable to stick with it. Once she started personal training sessions, she was hooked! Each session she pushed her body to the limit and enjoyed waking up the next morning with a little bit of soreness. ⁠

Her initial goal was to go up the stairs without gasping for air and to drop a jean size. But, as she continued training, her mindset evolved, and she is set on living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. She’s found a plan that works for her and has been consistently coming to the gym 3x a week,⁠walking more during the day, and making better food choices.⁠

two women in the gym

These habits have helped her lose 41lbs⁠ and many, many inches! She’s also gained a lot of muscle and significantly decreased her body fat percentage. She continues to get stronger and add new exercises into her routine every day. Over just the last two months, her deadlift has gone from 65lbs to 115lbs for 3 sets of 10! ⁠

Rachel continues to show up and work hard every week. She knows that change doesn’t happen over night and she’s focusing on enjoying the journey. Her future goal is to lose 75 more pounds! Her motto is “Every day, every meal, and every workout is going to get me one step closer so I can’t quit now!”

Rachel, you are killing it! Keep up the good work! 😃👍

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