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Bored of Your Workout Routine? It May Be Time to Hire a Personal Trainer

Perhaps you drag yourself to the gym and push through your sets, plus an elliptical session. However, your workouts lack their former spunk and pep. You feel stagnant, your progress has plateaued, and you wonder if your membership's cost is worth it anymore.

Hey, it’s natural to experience ups and downs — fitness is a lifelong journey, after all. One of the mental benefits of a routine is identifying when things have gone stale and taking the appropriate measures to push through adversity and reach the next level. Quitting is not an option, workout warriors.

However, if your routine is as stagnant as a murky, scum-filled pond, you might need to add a little assistance to get you to your next goal. What can you do? It may be time to hire a personal trainer.

How Personal Trainers Blast Workout Boredom and Revitalize Your Routine

Here’s the thing: even if you’ve been hitting the gym since time immemorial, you don’t know everything there is to know about fitness. Nobody does, not even people like The Rock. There’s always a new piece of equipment to master or a novel way to use an old device. Research into human physiology advances every day, improving some techniques and resigning others to the garbage bin.

That’s one reason to hire a personal trainer to shake up your routine. These experts may not know it all, either — but they dedicate their professional lives to keeping current, protecting the safety of their clients and improving techniques to maximize workout effectiveness. Generally, they must earn a specific number of credits every two years, although some licensing organizations run their certification programs over three years.

Furthermore, they have a different knowledge base than you, which gives them the necessary tools to shake up your workout and bust boredom from your routine. Think about it: you probably follow essentially the same routine every leg day. Is it any wonder that you’re bored?

You get stronger when your muscles adapt to increasing stress levels by improving their function. However, you stop seeing gains once these fibers become accustomed to performing the same actions. As a result, you hit a plateau, cease making gains and start getting discouraged.

Personal trainers can recommend tweaks to your current routine, including variations on traditional exercises you might not have considered. Most importantly, they can protect your safety, preventing you from trying dangerous modifications that could lead to injuries that keep you out of the gym.

For example, your trainer might play with pacing your reps. You could find it far more difficult to perform a set of slow, controlled overhead presses to a 3:3 count, perhaps dropping down in weights but increasing intensity. They might add unique twists to moves, perhaps substituting Arnold presses for standard overhead or military numbers. Yes, the movement takes its name from the bodybuilder and former California governor.

Have you been considering scrapping your routine and trying something completely new? That’s another crucial juncture when it’s time to hire a personal trainer.

Your personal trainer can suggest the best alternatives to reach your aspirations. They’ll sit down with you to discuss your wants and needs and create a concrete plan to reach your goal. For example, they might recommend incorporating HIIT training into your running routine if you’re hoping to rank high enough to win admittance to the prestigious Boston marathon.

Some personal trainers also offer nutritional counseling, although not all do. While they must earn a registered dietitian credential to prescribe specific diet plans or advise on meal plans for treating particular medical conditions, they can give general advice. Your trainer might examine what you eat and supplement with pre-workout and suggest modifications that can accelerate your progress.

Finally, the right personal trainers hold you accountable. You know how sweetly the siren song of the couch and Netflix can sing when you’re bored with your routine. Hey — you’re paying for this service — you may as well show up instead of losing your money. Some trainers even go the extra mile, providing text reminders of upcoming appointments.

Other Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

What are some other reasons to hire a personal trainer? Consider finding someone if you switch your workout venue from the gym to home. Yes, inflation might cause you to cut back, but you need the right professional to coach you on how to use your new fitness equipment — even simple devices like resistance bands can cause harm when used improperly.

Your doctor might also advise you when it’s time to hire a personal trainer. For example, you might receive a diagnosis that limits your mobility or requires extra TLC. Your trainer can help you modify your routine to work with your new ability levels.

Have you set a new goal recently? Perhaps you decided that you wanted to trim a few extra pounds or train for an upcoming competition. Maybe you’ve made a change in your life and want to adhere to healthier routines. If so, the right trainer can help you achieve your dreams by suggesting the ideal regimen to get you there.

When It’s Time to Hire a Personal Trainer

There are many reasons to hire a personal trainer — being bored with your workout routine is a great one. They can help you bust through plateaus and say adios to gym time ennui.

You’ll know when it’s time to hire a personal trainer — anytime your routine feels stagnant. Sometimes, a little extra push is all you need to master your next fitness goal. If you’re ready to accomplish your health goals with a personalized plan and daily support, click here for a free Transformation Session.

About the author: Beth is the content manager and Managing Editor at Body+Mind and a lover of all things health and wellness. She shares knowledge on a variety of topics related to fitness, nutrition and disease prevention. In her spare time, Beth enjoys trying out new fitness trends.


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