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Client Appreciation Party 2023 Recap 🎉

Personal Training Client Appreciation Party 2023

Thanks so much to everyone that came out to our 2023 Client Appreciation Party! The music, food, contests, and most of all our fantastic community made for an incredible time. We are already looking forward to the next one.

The fun started with getting signed up for the raffle...two fully stocked gym bags were up for grabs!

They were filled with all the essentials for a good workout (or personal training session) including mobility balls, towels, water bottle, shaker bottle, and more.

Welcome aboard to two of our newest trainers Darren and Jessica

Music was provided by Emory Blake! Not only is he a fantastic personal trainer, but he is also a phenomenal DJ. The sound quality was superb.

There were sandwiches, fruit and veggie bowls, and one of our clients, Nick Kadrilik, sent us a beautiful cheese board from Antonelli's.

Thanks so much Nick!

Fortunately, there would be ample opportunity to put the food to use as fuel for the upcoming plank contest...

The plank contest was a ton of fun. The rules were simple: Anyone could enter and whoever could hold a plank the longest would win. First place would get their choice of a gift card to either Under Armor or Adidas.

Second place would get whichever gift card the first place winner did not pick.

On your marks, get set, plank!

Finally it got down to just two contestants...

And the winner is...

Amber in first place and Darren in second!

Nice job guys!

Next was the raffle for the workout bags...

Winners Seth and Kelly!

Then we all got together for group pics!

A few more pics of the fun...

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