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David Lattanzi | Trainer of the Month June 2023

Trainer: David Lattanzi

Our Trainer of the Month for June is (drumroll please!)...David Lattanzi! He started training with us in 2017 and has done an amazing job of getting clients great results ever since.

David Lattanzi Fitness Instructor

David has been working with clients on a variety of goals for over 16 years. He works with people on everything from strength, to injury prevention, to weight loss, and toning. His clients always say they feel encouraged and more confident from working with him.

In addition to earning his personal training certification he is a Precision Nutrition certification holder and can help you with your nutrition goals as well.

David is a star hockey player and has the coolest pet cat that he is teaching to lift weights. He is one of the kindest people you will ever meet and is incredibly invested in helping people see success with their fitness goals.

We are so happy he is on our training team, and if you want support, encouragement, and expert guidance then you should come see him!

Here is what just some of his clients have to say about their experience:


Excellent Review from Happy Client

We asked David a few questions about his training experience. Here is what he had to say:

Whats been your biggest accomplishment while working at Chris Protein Personal Training? My biggest accomplishment would have to be taking on several clients who had little to no workout experience, and helping them make exercise part of their lifestyle for one or more years of consistent training. They are no longer intimated by the gym and enjoy the challenges they are given.

What future plans are you looking forward to? At the moment I am working on perfecting some new calisthenic movements that I've always strayed away from. I enjoy these exercises and the challenges they bring. I love to see what the body is actually capable of with a bit of hard work and practice.

What do you enjoy most about working at Chris Protein Personal Training? I enjoy the clientele and the atmosphere. The great thing about this job is you get to meet people from all walks of life with different hobbies and experiences. It's always interesting hearing what the clients do outside the gym.

If you'd like to get the highest level of support, expertise, and training knowledge then book in for our signature Transformation Session!

David Working With Client Greg

This one hour session takes place at our state of the art studio located in South Austin, and at it you'll get everything you need to get on track to seeing incredible results.

You'll do a detailed consultation where your trainer will go over your goals, workout experience, nutrition, injuries, and everything they need to formulate a plan perfectly customized to you.

Then you will get a workout assessment where your trainer will guide you through exercises designed to see where you are at, so they can build a plan for you and progress from there.

They'll show you how to do everything properly, and how to make modifications if need be to fit an exercise to your body or goals. You'll start feeling accomplished and more confident about working out right away.

At the final part of the session they will show you a clear plan for getting started on your fitness goals and seeing success. You'll walk away knowing exactly what you need to do to get the results you want.

It is completely free so you have nothing to lose. Click here to book, and start seeing results!

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