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Event Recap: Staff Appreciation Event at Top Golf

At Chris Protein Personal Training we love our trainers and staff! So we decided to show our appreciation by putting together a night of golfing fun! Here’s how it went…

We started with a round of snacks (and possibly a few drinks) to get us fueled up and energized for hitting those golf balls. After that, it was time to hit the greens!

As you can see, we won’t be starting a golf team anytime soon. But we sure had a lot of fun!

The top two golfers were Rob (husband of one of our longtime trainers, Jeannine) and one of Will's clients, Matt.

Rob claimed to have not golfed for a long time, but the way he was hitting it looked like he’d been practicing every day. But it was Matt that had the top score at the end of the evening though. We are thinking he might be a secret pro golfer…

After that it was time for pictures!

Chris Protein Team at Top Golf

Thanks so much to all our trainers, staff, and everyone who came for making the event great! We had a ton of fun at the Top Golf Staff Appreciation Event. The golfing experience they provided was a great way to get some active fun in. Highly recommend it!

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Celeste Working Out at our Austin Texas Personal Training Studio


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