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How Much Does A Personal Trainer Cost In Austin?

On average, a personal trainer costs between $40 and $90 per session.

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That said, you can occasionally find trainers as low as $30, and some very high end trainers will charge $150 or more per session.

Our trainers fall into the upper middle of that range, typically charging between $70 to $95 per session.

This is for one hour sessions with just one client and one trainer.

This range could be lower if you are willing to train with a partner, or if you do half hour sessions.

At our studio these options can drop the price by about 40%.

The price is not always as simple as the cost per session though, and there are several other factors you should consider including:

  • The trainers credentials, experience, and results

  • How the gym compensates the trainers

  • How long the sessions last

  • How the training is priced (monthly subscription, yearly contract, pack of sessions, etc.)

  • What all is included and if there are any extra costs like gym memberships, or upsells for nutritional services or progress tracking. Often there are additional fees or costs you will have to know about to have the full picture. Gym membership, parking, nutrition guidance, progress tracking, are often charged separately. At our studio we wrap everything into the cost of sessions to make prices simple and easy for you.

The cost of a personal trainer in Austin depends on several factors

The most important factor to consider is the quality of the training. Look into your personal trainers credentials, experience, and the results they have gotten for their clients. Personal training is a big investment in yourself and can affect your mindset towards exercise and nutrition, your health, and appearance for the long term. Shopping only on price and going for the cheapest (or most expensive) option is not the best way to select a trainer.

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Trainer Compensation

If you are selecting a trainer from a gym or studio in Austin, consider how they compensate their trainers. According to the average pay for a trainer in Texas is about $21 per hour, which is quite a big difference from the average price per session. Many commercial gyms charge clients high prices (in addition to gym membership fees), but only pay a small portion to the trainer. The gym may be charging clients $50-$75 per session and giving the trainer only $15-$25 of that. That's as little as 20 percent! Not a good deal for the trainer.

Keep in mind that studios that compensate trainers more, may charge higher prices for sessions. That is not a necessarily a bad thing though, as it could mean higher quality training.

A lot of trainers at commercial gyms with low compensation may be newer and less qualified than the trainers at places that compensate better. At our facility we aim to compensate trainers fairly so that they are motivated and willing put their best effort into their work. It is partially what helps us recruit the top talent in personal training.

Session Length and Type

Session duration is another important consideration and is not always what you'd expect. Sometimes you will see prices listed and then find out the sessions are only 30-45 minutes. Be sure and check this out before you buy a big training package. You can find our exact prices for each trainer by going to our meet the team page, and then clicking on their bio.

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How Packages Work

How packages are priced, and if there are any extra fees or costs associated should be assessed as well when determining the cost of hiring a trainer. Some gyms may give a price break for buying a large amount of sessions, but this type of package typically requires that they be used in a certain amount of time and do not offer refunds. Others may have a minimum amount of months contract, ie once you sign up for two sessions a week you must do that for at least 6 to 12 months. Look into this before starting, if there is a chance you might move away it may not be the best option.

Our training is set up with a simple subscription that has no contracts (you can cancel any time), and is adjusted if you are out of town (so you won't be charged for sessions if you can't make it due to travel or similar circumstances). All you have to do is let us know how many sessions you'd like to do each week, and you can start, stop, or adjust at anytime.

What's Included?

Finally, check out what the training includes when looking at the costs. Some trainers will happily answer emails or texts about training and nutrition, whereas others you only have the hour you paid for to get their expertise.

Progress tracking and nutrition services may be an additional cost as well depending on how the gym or trainer sets things up. You may also be required to sign up for a gym membership (very common at many gyms) so look into that as well to make sure you've considered all the factors.

When training with a Chris Protein Trainer you will have free access to our gym. Nutrition coaching and progress tracking are also included, although there is a charge for a DEXA scan (all other tracking methods are free). Trainers will provide additional support by answering questions via text or email, and can give you workout plans to do on your own as part of our service. To make everything simple we include all of this within the cost of sessions.

We offer more than just the sessions, because working out for an hour a couple times a week probably won't be enough to get the results you want. So we provide a full coaching program that includes nutrition guidance, progress tracking, gym access, and email and phone support. You can get an exact cost for each trainer right here on our website. Just go to the meet the team page, and click on a trainer to see their rates.

I hope this answers your question about what personal training costs here in Austin, and also gives you all the costs to consider when making your decision. If you have any questions feel free to send us a message. If you are ready to invest in your health, feel your best, and get in amazing shape, then give us a call or book a free Transformation session online. At that session you will do a detailed consultation with a professional trainer, a short workout, and then your trainer will put together a plan for you to achieve your goals. Click here to book that session and get started!

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