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July Trainer of the Month: Corey 'Gainz' Springer

Our Trainer of the Month for July is Corey "Gainz" Springer! He started training with us in 2020 and has been crushing it ever since.

David Lattanzi Fitness Instructor

Corey brings over 17 years of experience to the fitness floor. He works with people on body transformations, breaking through plateaus, overcoming injuries, and gaining muscle. He didn't get the nickname 'Gainz' by accident, and his clients say their experience working with him is life changing and transformative.

In addition to earning his personal training certification he has a Bachelors of Applied Sciences in Health Studies.

Corey is a United States Air Force veteran and ran physical training programs in his units. His fitness expertise is unmatched, and his diverse skillset allows him to easily shift from high intensity workouts to corrective programs to meet his clients needs.

We are so glad to have him as a part of our training team! Corey is truly invested in his clients success and is driven to see you succeed. If you want expert guidance, accountability, and to transform physically and mentally then he is your go to guy.

Here are some of his clients incredible results, and their thoughts on their experience:

"Corey is undoubtedly the best trainer I ever worked with! Very approachable and easy to work with. Since day one, his attention to detail and ability to make adjustments was clear. He takes your goals seriously and never lets you forget about longevity. He is very mindful of your capabilities with clear progression and respect to limitations (such as past and current injuries). I would often find myself in the middle of a set thinking, "I can do this? since when??". Such a ninja. Best part is he doesn't just stay as your trainer through the process, he easily becomes your friend which makes the sessions and process even more enjoyable. I've been training with him for a year and 5 months now and have lost 40lbs and kept it off. Feeling more agile, athletic, and physically fit thanks to him." - Vincenz De Castro

"Joining this gym and working with my amazing personal trainer, Corey, has changed my life forever! This gym is a welcoming space and it is filled with passionate, friendly and encouraging people including all the trainers and all the people working out. A truly unique space that I am proud to be a part of! My personal trainer, Corey, has been an honest and encouraging partner with me on my journey of health and self improvement. Corey continuously provides me with support and resources to achieve my fitness and self improvement goals, and he pushes me to be better every day. The results have been dramatic and I have never felt and looked better! Do yourself and your future a favor and join this gym. You won’t regret it!" - Nick Kadrlik

"I used to train with Chris Protein back in 2014 and he got me in great shape. I moved away from Austin and have gotten back with the gym under the training of Corey, and I'm right back at it. We're attacking my body in the best ways! Supersets, focusing on form and nutrition and using natural supplements to get the best results possible. So far it's been two months and I'm noticing some significant changes as are the people around me which was the goal :) If you're serious about making some differences in your nutrition take a look at Chris Protein Personal Training and give Corey a ring." -Arthur Bryan Marroquin

We Asked Corey What His Favorite Thing About Working Here Is:

My favorite thing is being able to help clients in a personal setting, and also practice my craft and develop new and creative training methods that work for my clients. I value working for Chris because of the leadership style and resources/platforms provided to allow me to hit the ground running & improve as a trainer. Lastly I like the consistent growth of the gym and business has been motivating and great to be a part of.

If you'd like to get the highest level of support, expertise, and training knowledge then book in for our signature Transformation Session!

David Working With Client Greg

This one hour session takes place at our state of the art studio located in South Austin, and at it you'll get everything you need to get on track to seeing incredible results.

You'll do a detailed consultation where your trainer will go over your goals, workout experience, nutrition, injuries, and everything they need to formulate a plan perfectly customized to you.

Then you will get a workout assessment where your trainer will guide you through exercises designed to see where you are at, so they can build a plan for you and progress from there.

They'll show you how to do everything properly, and how to make modifications if need be to fit an exercise to your body or goals. You'll start feeling accomplished and more confident about working out right away.

At the final part of the session they will show you a clear plan for getting started on your fitness goals and seeing success. You'll walk away knowing exactly what you need to do to get the results you want.

It is completely free so you have nothing to lose. Click here to book, and start seeing results!


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