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New Rewards Program is Live Now: Earn Raffle Entry, Sessions, and More!

We just launched a new rewards program for our members and clients! Now you can earn entry into our gift card raffle, free sessions, and high fives from your trainer for engaging on social media or referring friends.

Here is how you can start earning rewards:

  • Check in with us on our Facebook page

  • Mention us in a story or a post on Instagram or Facebook

  • Refer a friend to our training service

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When you follow us on Instagram you'll make our super cool Instagram Follower Counter go up in real time. It's really fun, we promise.

Rewards program

What You Get

When you refer a friend and they sign up, you'll get 100 rewards points (and they get a free session). When you mention, tag, or check in with us on Facebook or Instagram, you'll get 5 rewards points.

Raffle fun

5 rewards points will get you one entry into our raffle for a $150 Gift Card. Right now you can pick between a No Bull gift card or a Lululemon gift card and grab yourself some quality gym gear if you win.

Each 5 points is worth one entry, so if you do 5 mentions and earn 25 rewards points, you'll have 5 chances at winning. There is no cap on how many you can earn, so post away.

100 rewards points can be redeemed for a free personal training session.

You can check out the raffle prizes in our display box at the gym if you are ever curious as to what is up for the drawing.

The live drawing will take place every month or when there is a total of 1000 rewards points earned.

Referrals and interacting on social media help new clients connect with our trainers so we really appreciate them. It also helps us keep marketing costs down and we pass those savings on to our customers.

⬇️ Click below to follow us and start engaging! ⬇️

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