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Client Shout Out to Nathan and Camila 🎉

This week we wanted to give a shout out to two of our clients Nathan and Camila! They have been training under the expert guidance of Tom, and getting great results and doing big things. They have made improvements to their strength, technique, wellbeing, and nutrition. 👏 👏 👏

Tom and Clients

It wasn't an easy start for them though! They tried other gyms and HIIT workouts but did not get the results they were looking for. When they came in for their Transformation Session Tom explained the importance of strength, mobility, and hypertrophy training and got them started on a plan that incorporated those important training aspects.

He also showed them changes they could make to their nutrition and activities they did outside of the gym to get the absolute best results possible.

They began working with Tom twice a week at sessions and also came into the gym for workouts they could do on their own. His plan was well structured and made them feel confident about coming in.

Nathan and Camila also added some daily nutrition habits and even worked with Tom's sister who is a nutritionist. We are so proud of them for their effort and consistency, and are glad to see it is paying off. Way to go guys!

If you want to increase strength, mobility, or muscle, and do it the right way, then book in for our signature Transformation Session!

This one hour session takes place at our state of the art studio located in South Austin, and at it you'll get everything you need to get on track to seeing incredible results.

You'll do a detailed consultation where your trainer will go over your goals, workout experience, nutrition, injuries, and everything they need to formulate a plan perfectly customized to you.

Then you will get a workout assessment where your trainer will guide you through exercises designed to see where you are at, so they can build a plan for you and progress from there.

They'll show you how to do everything properly, and how to make modifications if need be to fit an exercise to your body or goals. You'll start feeling accomplished and more confident about working out right away.

At the final part of the session they will show you a clear plan for getting started on your fitness goals and seeing success. You'll walk away knowing exactly what you need to do to get the results you want.

It is completely free so you have nothing to lose. Click here to book, and start seeing results!

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