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How Much Does a Personal Trainer Cost in Texas?

If you’re looking to lose weight, struggling to reach your fitness goals or searching for a new routine, a personal trainer may be the right fit. These professionals offer a wealth of experience and personalized regimens, but how much does a personal trainer in Texas cost?

Across the country, sessions may cost between $35 to $166, with group classes averaging lower and individual rates typically being higher. In small town costs are typically lower, whereas in big cities like Austin, Dallas, or Houston they will be higher. At Chris Protein Training, a highly-skilled Austin personal trainer ranges from around $40-$85.

Ultimately, personal trainers are a support system of expertise, personalization and encouragement. Their costs reflect these factors. How much does a personal trainer cost in Texas? It all depends on the following points.

Paying for Expertise

One element that determines the cost of personal training is experience. Personal trainers that have the certifications and years of practical work in the field have dealt with all types of bodies, ages and people. Their knowledge of the equipment, safe movements, eating habits and routines to best serve your goals are invaluable to your fitness journey.

Safety is vital as well. Your trainer knows the proper stances and can be a spotter and manager of heavy equipment. Catching muscle fatigue or injury early on keeps you healthy and ready to combat another day. Personal trainers can also prescribe low-impact workouts for healing injuries or sore muscles to keep you healthy and happy.

Having this expertise directly applied to you and your unique body type and strength is something you cannot find in a book or video. You should pay someone with years of experience in the field more for their successes — this is what goes into the cost of a personal trainer.

Experiencing Personalization from a Personal Trainer in Austin

How does your body type react to cardio workouts like running versus high-intensity interval training? Do your goals involve building muscle or burning fat? Are you motivated by solitary activities or group dance classes? Personal trainers take your body and goals into account and create the ideal fitness plan with you to achieve your goals.

Another benefit of seeking a personal trainer in Texas is the ability to balance fitness with home life. Are you having trouble finding time to drive to the gym? Your trainer can work with you to implement at-home workouts with your body weight or the neighborhood sidewalks as your track.

Having a personal trainer to work with you at home or in a facility is another cost to consider. Gym equipment is expensive — using their facility and equipment may bundle into the session cost or membership. When having an at-home trainer, there are additional costs as well due to time spent traveling, bringing equipment, and paying for gas. Typically these will make at-home sessions more expensive, especially for in demand trainers.

Enjoying the Encouragement

On your own, it can be hard to know your limits and you may leave the gym before you really start burning fat. On the other hand, you may be fatiguing yourself so much that you become burned out and abandon your routines. Having someone with you to celebrate your successes and support you through tough days means more time to enjoy your workouts.

A personal trainer in Austin can also answer your questions. Maybe the rowing machine has intimidated you for years. Have no fear — your trainer can model movements and incorporate it into your next routine.

Again, the costs must reflect the triumphs of the trainer. Happy, well-reviewed personal trainers are skilled at giving you the motivation and cheers you need to find your sweet spot of fitness success.

Other Costs

When searching for a personal trainer in Texas, you are looking for professionals who provide expertise, personalization and encouragement. However, there are other factors to consider as well.

Your cost per session depends on the length of time. Consider how often you would like to work with your personal trainer. Do you need weekly guided workouts or monthly check-ins?

When buying a subscription or membership model, fully understand what you are paying for. Can you modify the session lengths or are they specified, short blocks of time you cannot change?

There may also be benefits in membership models, like on-site high-protein snacks and smoothies or special tracking apps that can help keep you focused. Be sure to understand exactly what you are paying for and if it suits your routine.

Searching for the Perfect Personal Trainer in Austin

At Chris Protein, access to the gym facility is free with a personal training package, as well as coaching for your diet and nutrition. Our trainers are flexible in communication — they provide their text and email support for questions and advice.

By bundling progress tracking, nutrition coaching and gym access into the cost, Chris Protein Personal Training offers an all-inclusive experience to help people of all walks of life achieve their fitness goals.

A healthy, strong lifestyle is in your future. Consider booking a session today online. See the Meet The Team page for a complete list of our experienced personal trainers in Texas who can kickstart the weight-loss or strength-training journey of your dreams.

Schedule Your First Training Session Today

If you’re ready to take the next step in your fitness goals, and you are located in Austin, click here for a Transformation Session that’s free of charge. In this session, one of our professional trainers will give you a thorough consultation and start assembling a workout strategy. Please feel free to message us with any questions you have!

About the author: Beth is the content manager and Managing Editor at Body+Mind and a lover of all things health and wellness. She shares knowledge on a variety of topics related to fitness, nutrition and disease prevention. In her spare time, Beth enjoys trying out new fitness trends.


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